Eric Nickerson (born Eric Nick, Junuary 7, 1980, New York), was Second tenor of the group of Seth & the Janitors, which the group biggest album called "At The Hop".

In 1970, he make a group called "The Jokers" with hes friends are "Danny Sutter, and Brandon Jackson". Later americian named Seth Sutter, first album called At the Hop released in 1972, later they renamed "Seth & the Planet Juniors".

In 1975, Eric make a album called "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" by Danny & the Juniors, released in 1976. Eric make a recorded called "Revolver Records" another album called "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by "The Tokens", released in 1977.

In 1980, More albums form their groups called "Dottie", "Sometimes", "Teenagers In Love", "Sh-Boom", and "Im Wounded", Do The Bop, "Surfin Girl", "Lay Down Your Arms", "Mr. Sandman", and "Here Comes The Sun" released in 1982.

Eric Nickerson's songs have also been recorded and/or performed by:

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