George Putnum (born George Putnum, July 6, 1965, New York — died September 4, 1992), was Second tenor of the group called The Herdsmen and Tenor called The Verbs. Their group biggest hit single called "At the Hop".


George lived in New York, he met Seth, and Danny, they make a group called "The Verbs" in 1971.


In 1980, new young member named Paul Wilson, played as tenor. They remnamed The Herdsmen. George and Paul make 3 new albums called "Here Comes the Sun", "Do The Bop", and "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" released 1989. In Augest 4, 1992, George hes last coscert at Arizona.


On September 4, 1992, at age of 27, he committed suicide in hes hotel room in California. He in Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1994.

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