Graveth "Jack" Puckett (born Feburary 20, 1914 — December 14, 2012), was a proucder of Paul & the Kennedys, and Seth & the Planet Juniors. He married Lina Jackson in 1933. And Son of Graveth Puckett.


He lived in New York, with hes parents, As he turn 23 in 1937, he want to be a band proucder at age of 24. In 1970, he met a first group called Paul & the Kennedys, Later in 1973, he met Seth & the Planet Juniors. And become friends with Seth, and Paul in 1977. He surive a heart attack at age 54.


On December 14, 2012, on hes way home form retireding, he was died on heart attack at age 98. He and hes doo-wop groups friends and he will be in Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2012.

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