A Graveth Studio build in 1934, first doo-wop group called Paul & the Kennedys. And Owner of Graveth Studio is Graveth Paul Puckett.

Aftermeth of GroupsEdit

Paul & the KennedysEdit

In 1960s, Paul, Johhny and Joe Kennedy joined and become Paul & the Kennedys in 1961, They first album was "Jay Comes Back", released in 1962. In 1964, Paul friends with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. Around in late 1960s, Paul, Johnny, and Joe have a concsert in Arizona. New albums called "At the Hop" by Danny & the Juniors, and Seth & the Planet Juniors, "Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison of The Beatles, released in 1968. In 1970s Paul, Johhny, and Joe's Cousin nammed Seth Sutter and he make album called "I Have To Be Friends" released in 1974. Seth left the group in 1977, After Seth lefted, jast now Paul, Joe, and Johhny. After 6 years, Paul died in lung cuncer, as the some death as Danny Rapp in 1983.

Seth & the Planet JuniorsEdit

Seth and the Planet JUniors are formed 1979, Seth Sutter(Lead Tenor), Danny Sutter(Baritone / Bass), Eric Nickerson(Second Tenor), and Brandon Jackson(Tenor).