MA 24

This is Danny wearing hes Winter Loadout.

Danny Kennedy was (born May 3, 1997, New York), was frountman of Seth & the Planet Juniors, Im Founder of Doo-Wop Groups Wiki. Im also a Airsoft Player of DFI Airsoft.

Member of DFI AirsoftEdit

Danny was 13, and joined the airsoft team called "DFI Airsoft". When he was 14, he have a winter loadout same as youtuber user "DFI Airsoft".

Frountman of Seth & the Planet JuniorsEdit

When he was 15. He joined The Jokers Their frist album hit single was At The Hop. Later they renamed "Seth & the Planet Juniors".

Founder of Doo-wop Group WikiEdit

In 2012, Danny make new wiki called doo-wop groups wiki when he was 15.


In May 25, 2012, Danny have facebook, he have 200 friends in facebook.

Danny's GirlfriendEdit

When he was 15, he meet a 14 yr old girl named "Katelyn Barrows".


When he was 12, after joining DFI Airsoft he having a tremors hes hand and hes leg.

RSD CRPS tremors in hand and leg

RSD CRPS tremors in hand and leg

This is me tremors.