Paul Kennedy

Birth Name

Paul Daniel Kennedy


Feburary 13, 1942


July 5, 1983 (aged 41)

Paul Kennedy (born 13, Feburary 1942 — 5, July 1983), was American frontman of the group of Paul & the Kennedys, was brother of two brothers are Joe Kennedy, Johnny Kennedy, and they cousin Danny Kennedy.


He lived in New Jersey, with hes brothers Joe, and Johhny Kennedy. Paul make a doo-wop group called Paul & the Kennedys, with Joe and Johnny, In 1970, Their cousin Danny joined The Kennedys as "Second Tenor".

The 1970sEdit

Paul & the Kennedys on Swan Records in 1971, They albums are "At the Hop", by the doo-wop group called "Seth & the Janitors", and "Danny & the Juniors".

Kennedys brothers in Paul, Joe and Johhny, make a new album together called "Friends", released in 1973. Also a new albums by Seth Sutter, called "I Have To Be Friends", and "Here Comes the Sun", released in 1974. On October 10, 1975, Paul and The Kennedys to the concert in New York, New album called "Surfer Girl" by "The Beach Boys", released in 1976, he last performance was at New Jersey, After the concert Paul went home to hes house. At July 5, 1983, hes last album was "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" by Danny & the Juniors, and Seth & the Planet Juniors. As Paul went almost went home, he want to go swimming with hes friends of "The Beach Boys".

Friends with The Beach BoysEdit

In 1964, He met Dennis Wilson, Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Mike Love and Carl Wilson. And The Beach Boys likes Paul's doo-wop group. In May 4, 1964, Paul & the Kennedys and The Beach Boys went to the concert and sing "Surfin USA".


On July 5, 1983, He hanging to death, he was 41. He also in Vocal Group Hall of Fame, in 2004.

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