Paula Smith

Birth Name

Paula Jackson


June 5, 1941


Apirl 24, 1983 (43)

Ambassador of records

Revolver Records




John Graveth III (father)

Francis Jackson (brother)


Dennis Smith (b. 1978)

Ambassador of records (begin)


Ambassador of records (ended)

April 24, 1983

Paula Smith (born Paula Jackson, June 5, 1941 — Apirl 24, 1983), was first Ambassador of Revolver Records.

Career and lifeEdit

Shes born in Oklahoma, shes meet 24 yr old boy nammed Nick Smith in 1966. Shes was smoking, after 12 years in late 1970s, shes got a son nammed Dennis Smith (born 1978). In Apirl 23, 1983, shes was very ill all year.

On Apirl 24, 1983, shes died at aged 43, of lung cancer.

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