The Bel-Juniors are American doo-wop form New York comprising Seth Sutter, Joe Terranova, Angelo D'Aleo, and Dave White¹. Formed in 1975. Their biggest hit was The Wanderer released 1976.


The Bel-Juniors was formed in 1975. The Group was signed to Recover Records. Seth Sutter first album called "Back To The Hop²", with 4 songs called "At the Hop", "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay", "Dottie", and "Sometimes" released in 1976 Their first consert in England in May 1, 1976.

They was picked "Bel-Juniors", they were tribute to The Belmonts, and Danny & the Juniors. Their first concsert was in May 12, 1976. New song called "Awesome Song" released in May 16, 1976.

In May 21, 1976, Joe. Angelo, and Dave make new album song called "I Love My Brother", with 3 albums called Jacob Be Awesome, Awesome Brother, and Brother I Love You, released in May 24, 1976.

On June 1, 1976, Seth was in illness³, and flowing up, at 4 weeks, cover for Seth is 21, year old named Chris Putnum. Graveth Puckett auggested Chris for 4 weeks, Chris for Seth is Lead-Tenor, Chris have 6 concerts. After 4 weeks, Seth ruturn to The Bel-Juniors.

Awards and recognitionEdit

The Bel-Juniors will be in Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2004.

Singles and AlbumsEdit


  • "Back To The Hop / "Awesome Song" (1976)
  • "I love My Brrother" / "Awesome Brother" (1976)


  • "The Wanderer" / "At The Hop" (1976)
  • "Rock 'n' Roll Is Here To Stay" / "Dottie" (1976)
  • "Sometimes" / "Jacob Be Awesome" (1976)