The Herdsmen are doo-wop quartet form New York comprising Danny Sutter, Seth Sutter, George Putnum, and Paul Wilson. Formed in 1961, they have a biggest hit single was Sometimes I Dreamed, released in 1964. Sometimes they are American group.

The 1970sEdit

The Herdsmen are 70s doo-wop group, biggest hit was Sometimes I Dreamed released in 1972. They went the Dick Clark Productions show, later they make a new album song called Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles. Later George Harrison accpted it and he like it. In 1974, they have albums called Shes Not There By the English band called The Zombies.


  • Danny Sutter (born Daniel Sutter, July 8, 1961, New York) - Lead Tenor vocalist.
  • George Putnum (born George Putnum, July 6, 1965, New York - died September 4, 1992) - Second Tenor vocalist.
  • Paul Wilson (born Paul Wilson, November 16, 1970, New York, New York City - died Junurary 21, 2008) - Tenor vocalist.